I’m Liz, Mom to 4 year old Melon, who was diagnosed with with Autism in October 2013, and 1 year old The Boy (NT – at the moment). I’m also wife to the husband, and harassed servant to our dog and two cats. This blog will waffle on about family life, occasional politics and our journey in Autismland.
Melon, long before we knew she was autistic, drew a picture of a cat, on a trampoline. I kept it.
In the days when we began to realise Melon was autistic, I struggled A LOT, and began following Facebook autism pages for support and education.
A few months down the line, with a formal diagnosis and a new positive outlook on living with Autism in the family, I set up my own Facebook page:
I set up this blog shortly afterwards, as a place where I could put some of my lengthier musings down in a more eye pleasing manner.

Cat on a trampoline – both the Facebook page and this blog- is my way of reaching out for support, of reaching back to those who also want support, and of educating my friends and family about the realities of bringing up a child on the spectrum. It’s also my therapy – Writing, blogging, creating stupid pictures all helps me to reflect and process what happens in our lives.

I want Trampoline to be a lively, friendly and supportive place. It’s not just about autism, it’s about parenting, family life, health and education. Everyone is welcome as long as they are open minded, willing to support those in need, slow to judge others and able to laugh about some of the tough things in life. I hope you find something here that makes you laugh, smile, open your mind a little more or, at the very least, pause for thought. I also hope you find companionship along your way.

I have only two rules :
1) NO OFFENSIVE COMMENTS. About gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, ANYTHING. ”
2) my children are too young to consent to appear on my page and blog, and the Hubby is the shy type. I won’t be sharing their real names, their faces or our surname. If you know me outside of the internet, please respect our anonymity.

Thanks for looking. Stick around. The more of you there are, the more fun this ride will be. We are never alone on this journey.


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