Color the world 2014

I am a big fan of #colortheworld. I will be posting some of my own thoughts on this drive to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance for Autism later on.

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Color the world 2014

Autism awareness day is rapidly approaching. So many are preparing to light it up blue for autism awareness day.
We are planning to color the world this autism awareness day and the whole month of April.
Why should you join us for color the world 2014?
Autism is a spectrum, each person on the spectrum is unique and individual. Why should we represent our loved ones with so much color with a single color that often times reflects sadness?
Blue become the color for autism awareness day purely because many years ago autism was thought to be a male disorder. Today the number of girls on the spectrum is shooting up there. It’s time for the change!


Together we can change the way autism is viewed. One step at at time.
Color the world aims to bring more awareness, understanding and ultimately acceptance.
How can you…

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